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Carry Bags

If you done with finalizing perfect sweet and cake boxes but still find one thing missing then we at are here to remind you a concerning charming add on wedding accessory. Yes, you have guessed it right we are talking about a lovely carry bag for the sweet and cake boxes.

We offer the most varied variety of lovely carry bags and bet that whatever you carry in these to your guests, you carry along an impact that reflects your emotions, and expresses your happiness. If you're to invite guests by entrusting an attractive invite card within their hands or wish to convey them sweet recollections in the form of gorgeously adorned sweet and cake boxes then we hope we can help you. We also provide cake and sweet boxes with the name of the bride and the groom printed on the carry bags too.

You can convince yourself fully by ordering samples so as to ascertain that whether or not they are capable of serving your purpose. Just have a visit to our stunningly designed handmade carry bags section that aren't solely adorned with exquisite trimmings but these are eco friendly as well. Our catalogue contains exceptionally distinctive designer carry bags that are offered in varied sizes like mini, small, standard, medium, vertical, horizontal, horizontal massive, vertical massive size etc. Names of prospective bride and groom along with all the details you provide will be printed on these bags making these highly personalized and printed for you only that leaves a lasting impression on the receiver.

All the images of bags showed in our catalogue are images of the real bags and assure that the same design and the paper quality is translated on the real bags you receive. Also, the finished carry bags will match your imagination in terms of paper material texture, paper quality and its style. By choosing the right carry bag you can add additional glamour to wedding invite and sweet and cake boxes. We also provide exclusive, rich feel, colorful carry bags made up of handmade paper and eco-friendly paper.

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