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Programme Booklets

In India wedding is not a single day or an event of few hours; it stretches to weeks and sometimes month before the final wedding ceremony is organized. Also, by having different wedding events such as Tilak, Mehandi, Godh Bharai, etc on different dates means that those who want to be part of the wedding but could not attend the main wedding ceremony could attend any of wedding ceremony prior to that. It is with this intention that programme booklets are attached or enclosed with the wedding cards. Also, the programme booklet lets the invitees know when is which wedding event so that they can plan their participation accordingly.

Generally, all the wedding events are listed on the wedding card making it look stuffy. These days people prefer to have amazingly designed cards and prefer to have the program booklet attached to the card or to be printed on a separate sheet that will be part of the card. Also, when in earlier days all the wedding events were stated one after the other on the same sheet it looked too much cumbersome. Nowadays, the program booklets allow stating the different wedding events easily on it so that the invitees can differentiate between different events clearly and plan their itinerary accordingly. presents a bag filled of styles of programme booklets for you to settle on one design. Theme based as well as designer programme booklets are also available. Additionally, the program booklets come in different sizes, colors, textures and shapes that looks best with that of the wedding invitation. Besides, we also have designer programme booklets that are clad in latest fashion and are designed to stun the receivers with their sheer styling and print quality. Customized program booklets are also available that are fully customized by you.

We have an array of designs, from the royal theme based programme booklets to the wedding card matching theme, all these are available at the most affordable price and that too in different colors and sizes. In order to explore the full range of programme booklets for wedding cards visit the gallery.

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