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Scroll Wedding Invitation

Scroll wedding Invitations are symbols of the regality and recall the times when scrolls were sent as means of communication between kings. It was considered royal to have the scroll clad in the most exquisite design and studded with mesmerizing accessories that made it really look awesome. Bringing the same royal touch to the wedding invitations are the Scroll Wedding Invitations. Enclosed in enticing tubular boxes with art work on it, the invitation cards seems like an invitation from a royal family to another.

If you are planning to organize the royal themed wedding, the scroll invitations are the best means to complement the marriage. These cards add a royal feel to the marriage and look nice as well when presented to the invitees. An oblong piece of paper tied at each end with picket sticks and kept in an exceedingly folded state is what describes scroll wedding card. Tied with a string and have bells tied to each open end of the picket sticks further enhances the appeal of the invitation card.

Just the way the messenger in good old days used to recite the scroll aloud within the palace, the present scrolls too announce the pious wedding to the guests. The guests too feel elated because the wedding scroll card imbibes in them a stately feeling and they know that they will be the royal guests to a royal occasion. It's this royal feeling that these cards create and this has made them quite fashionable among folks and these days such scroll wedding cards are extensively used. Recently, the styles of scroll cards have undergone changes. There were limited sizes earlier but we offer the liberty to decide on any of sizes and types of scrolls that are part of the gallery of scroll cards on our website.

With the increase in their use, the styles and patterns of scroll wedding cards too have increase multifold. From the ancient sort scrolls to hi tech scrolls present today, any of them can be ordered at It is not an exaggeration to say that we have the most exquisite and the most recent collection of scroll wedding invites. Any of these cards listed in the gallery match to the royal theme of wedding and we also offer the service of ordering a completely customized scroll wedding invitation.

Scroll Wedding Invitation

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